Casey McFayden

Meet Casey McFayden, a 14-year-old cycling prodigy hailing from Redlands, California. Casey embarked on the exhilarating journey of cycling at the age of 12 during the Covid pandemic, starting with mountain bikes and swiftly transitioning to road racing, where his passion ignited. A formidable sprinter and an exceptional bike racer, Casey thrives in the fast-paced world of road racing. Coached by the experienced Brian McCulloch of Big Wheel Coaching, Casey has honed his skills for success. Beyond cycling, Casey cherishes family time, indulges in photography, and engages in friendly Fortnite battles with fellow juniors in the cycling community. Excitement abounds as Casey joins Team Velosport, setting his sights on the 2028 Olympics. Get ready to witness Casey McFayden’s prowess as he pedals towards excellence in the thrilling world of road racing!

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