Portal Tutorial

This tutorial will get you used to the site that we have.  Please take the time to look through this.  It is important stuff!!!


This page is your main portal page.  It serves at the hub for this private site.  This page will feature private team news.  Make sure to take a look at them and stay up to date!  If you have questions or comments click the title of the post.  This will bring you to a page where you can leave a reply.

Also, note, on the left side of this page you will see a sidebar.  This will automatically show the next races, rides and events.  These are clickable and will bring you to their events page.  At the top of this sidebar is a link to get you back to this tutorial should you need help with something.


This page is your events page.  It will organize all the events into a calendar.  Click any of the events to go to it’s page.

The individual events are very important.  The information about the event is shown to you, including a map.  In addition to this an attendance area is shown.  It is critical that you come here and stay on top of this as it will help provide quick insight on who is going and will show for everyone.  You will be able to click “I’m Attending”.  The default is one rider (the registered athlete).  If more are coming with that rider please update the “Number Attending” field.  Below this you will be able to see all that have specified attendance.

When it comes time for the team camp this will include a payment area for you to sign up online!


This page if for community chat/discussions.  Here you will find a forum.  It has multiple categories.  The first one you will see is for events.  Use this area to discuss an upcoming event, carpooling, hotels, or really anything to do with events.  There will be an ask and discuss area.  Use this to chat and get your questions answered.  If you know an answer please leave a comment.  One person can’t run all the support.

Below these two categories you will find a Sell and Trade area.  Under this you will see multiple categories to post items that you would like to sell and or trade.

Unfortunately there is no good image uploader.  Please post an image into Facebook or some other online area and right click the image.  Then copy the URL of the image and post it in with your item description.  Please don’t forget to add price you are looking for, and a detailed description of what you are selling/trading.

Time Zone Issue
When you first enter the discussion area you will find that times of posts are incorrect.  Please click the ‘Profile’ button on the upper right, then click the ‘Options’ tab.  When here find the time zone of ‘Los Angeles’.  This will fix the issue.

Contact List

This page is for quick access to contact information.  This is a live document that is kept updated.  This page is great on your mobile device.  Bookmark it or keep it close.


This page is for reference to the team’s pathway.  If you are curious on how to become an elite member one day check here to see how you can climb up the ladder!


This page is where you can sign up for text alerts!  We HIGHLY recommend this feature!

We hope that this tutorial was able to get you up to speed on this new system.  Don’t forget to keep checking your weekly team notes.  If you need help with something on portal don’t hesitate to ask in the forums.