Europe Trip

Team Velosport Junior Development is proud to have sent a racing team for the large UCI 2.1 stage race, Sint Martinusprijs, eight years in a row.  We are again offering this exciting trip in 2019.  Be a part of the elite level action and leave your contact information below!

Why Race In Belgium?

If you’ve been part of the United States racing scene for any period of time, you have probably heard about the USA National Team trips or perhaps trips hosted by other organizations.  If you’ve ever wondered what all the vibe was for racing in Europe, the pictures above can answer the question.

Junior racing is big.  Very big.  Their junior racing is as popular as football or baseball in America.  Many juniors race.  Many are strong and have racing skills that are almost unheard of in the United States.

To add to this, many promoters set up junior races.  There are often junior races on weekends and weekdays; sometimes with four or more races on the same day throughout the small country of Belgium.  And these races are not lightly attended.  They often draw 50 to 100 or more racers for the 17/18’s.   It’s quite common that the 17/18 race is the ONLY event being run!

Yeah, racing in Belgium is big.   Really big.  And with this, you can learn a lot and become a stronger and smarter racer.  Aside from racing, an overseas trip will also give many life lessons as you will live in a small Belgian town and become immersed in their culture.

CLICK HERE to visit our (old) Europe Trip Site with more information about the trip!

(The link is old, but the trip info is nearly identical.  We will update to a 2019 page soon)



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